Monday, September 23, 2013

Organic wine now available in bag-in-box

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This picture shows the young team of Bodega de Pinoso in the area of Alicante, who supply us with very good wine in the Bag in Box system.

An old technique gets a 21st century makeover. Thousands of years ago wine was stored in goat skin bags, now with the bag-in-box (BiB) system uses materials that are hygienic, food grade, acid-proof, airtight and watertight.
The bag is made from a film composite material (aluminum, polyethylene, Ethyl-Vinyl-Alcohol) with a tap to serve the wine. For ease of serving, it is packaged in a sturdy box and has a pre-punched hole for the serving tap.
Granted, some wine connoisseurs may look down on BiB packaging. Of course the quality of BiB wines is not going to be the same as a Premier Grand Cru. And we understand that Chateau Lafite is not planning to supply their wines using this system in the near future.
But BiB organic wines at £5.00 per litre are just as good as a normal wine bottle in the £7-10 price range.
There are many good reasons for buying organic wine in BiB:
  • they are better value for money than the same bottled wine because the packaging, handling and transport costs are lower
  • they are more environmentally friendly; the transport weight is lower, so one needs less fuel to transport them
  • you can help yourself to just one glass of organic wine from the BiB, without the remaining wine losing any freshness
  • you don't have to worry about leftover wine in a bottle getting oxidized over a few days
  • once opened, organic wine left in the BiB lasts for up to 8 weeks if you keep it cool
  • organic BiB wine takes up much less space than wine bottles in your home
  • BiB packaging is fully recyclable
Organic wine in bag-in-box provides so much pleasure for so little money!

 Domaine Joliette, organic white wine in 5 litres Bag in Box

Domaine Joliette, organic red wine in 5 liter Bag in Box

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